I communicate, I re-connect, I take part.

People with strong WATER VIOLET traits are reserved people, and they do not like others to intrude into their business. They often seem distant and prideful, but they often do so to guard their privacy. They are great listeners and wise advisers yet, little will you know about them. They truly value their solitude and peace which they need and protect, so they normally choose the company of few close friends. Highly capable, independent and reliable, these people are commonly a blessing to their surroundings. Their calm, quiet and poised demeanors are like a breeze of fresh air.

Nonetheless, the negative state is evident when there is a point of disconnection and detachment; withdrawing from the rest of the world in proud reserve. Solitude becomes loneliness and, independence becomes aloofness, accompanied at times by feelings of superiority.

The positive potential of Bach Flower WATER VIOLET takes us from isolation to the warmth of connection. This beautiful flower –delicate, upright that grows in the water in apparent isolation— brings us into balance by offering us the opportunity to enjoy once more our involvement with humanity. Once we restore the equilibrium, we say: I connect, I communicate, I allow closeness, and I take part… Hence, I belong. We restore as well the qualities of wisdom and the virtues of humility.

“For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people, who move about without noise, speak little, and then gently. Very independent, capable and self-reliant. Almost free of the opinions of others. They are aloof, leave people alone and go their own way. Often clever and talented. Their peace and calmness is a blessing to those around them.”

The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies. Edward Bach.

By Manuela Ball-Camurdan / Bach Flowers Symphony

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