From Terror to Courage and Security.

Bach Flower ROCK ROSE brings us the potential of calm and security, especially in those moments of panic and terror. In emergencies or dangerous situations, when fear immobilizes us, or a phobia is too intense to cope with, this beautiful Bach Flower remedy allows us to keep things in perspective, face them with a calm presence while listening to our inner guidance. It taps into our inner fortitude, and our courage is renewed, knowing that we will survive this.

ROCK ROSE is one of the 5 remedies combined in the Remedy Rescue formula. It is especially beneficial for children in panic after a nightmare, or for pets when overwhelmed by loud noises or other situations of acute fear.

If these emotional responses are caused by a recent trauma or in the past, you can combine this remedy with other helpful Bach Flowers, like Star of Bethlehem or Mimulus.

By Manuela Ball-Camurdan / Bach Flowers Symphony

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